Omnia Media Copyright Claim FAQs

There are a lot of mistruths passed around regarding claims, the DMCA, and "Fair Use" so we put together this handy FAQ to clear up any questions you may have regarding a claim from Omnia Media on your uploaded video. 

Who is Omnia Media?

Omnia Media, a division of Blue Ant Media, is a digital content studio and network comprised of 700+ of the top creators on YouTube and Twitch.

Why did Omnia claim my content?

There are two possible methods by which your content could be claimed by Omnia: automated content ID match and manual claiming (you can verify which claim was issued in your creator studio). Content is claimed at the direct request of a creator(s) in our network after we have verified the video in question does, in fact, contain content from said creator's YouTube or Twitch. You can identify the creator or video we've claimed your video on behalf of by looking at the asset used to make the claim in creator studio.

Does this have any negative impact on my channel?

With rare exceptions for extreme cases of abuse or freebooting, Omnia typically issues Monetize claims. These claims do not remove your video or hurt your channel. They simply redirect ad revenue back to the owner of the IP, in this case our creator or creators if the video is claimed by multiple assets / parties. 

Fair Use? Public Domain?

Despite common misinformation passed around in the YouTube community, Fair Use is a court defense, not a blanket protection to use any third-party content you like. If we've issued a manual claim on your video, rest assured we've reviewed the requested claim with Fair Use in mind. However, content that is not significantly transformative in nature (such as compilations) is not protected under Fair Use. If you have a legitimate argument that the claimed content is protected under Fair Use, don't hesitate to email us at and we'll be happy to review the claim.

Content posted on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, etc is not "public domain" simply because it is available to the public in the same way TV programs are not public domain simply because they can be easily found on cable or satellite. When a creator posts an original work or gameplay video to Twitch or YouTube, the creator owns that IP. It is fully within their right to claim any unauthorized use of their Intellectual Property. 

But I'm ______'s biggest fan... 

We appreciate that fans are passionate about their favorite creators. We are too. Please keep in mind that content creation is their full-time job and unclaimed videos draw views away from the creators' original content which affects their livelihood.

How can I remove the claim? 

If you are passionate about using content from a certain creator, reach out to them and see if they'll give you permission for future use. Make sure they specify if you are given permission to post or to post and monetize. Should you be able to provide us with proof of permission to post a creators content claims-free, we'll remove any claims and whitelist your channel to avoid future claims on behalf of that creator. 

More questions?

Hit us up at We'll be happy to clear up any confusion.