Omnia Media


Applications FAQs


Does Omnia Media require a certain amount of subscribers or views to join the network?
We typically only consider channels with 50k+ subscribers or 80k+ monthly views. If you’re close to 50k subs, but have demonstrated consistent growth we encourage you to reach out as 50k subs is not a “hard cutoff.” We are always looking for great talent!

Can I be accepted into the network before I’ve made a video? I’ve got an awesome plan and custom URL! Will Omnia Media help me grow?
Unfortunately we don’t consider channels or creators without content for acceptance into the network. Part of what sets Omnia Media apart from other networks is that we are readily available at all times to help you grow, resolve technical issues, answer questions, bounce ideas off, etc. We are only able to do that by keeping our creator numbers small and prioritizing quality creators over quantity.

Does Omnia Media offer Managed status?
Per YouTube policy, we reserve Managed network invitations for Owned and Operated channels. As you may already know, YouTube's updated rights management policies allow for channels to be claimed regardless of Managed or Affiliate status. 

Rest assured, though, you will get the same protection and prompt help from our team as we give our O&O channels should any issues - copyright or community guidlines-related - arise.

My channel uses third-party content, but it’s protected under Fair Use. Will Omnia consider my channel for Managed status?
Fair Use is a court defense only truly determined by a judge in a court of law. In the majority of cases channels operating under the assumption of “Fair Use” will be placed in the affiliate network. However, we will still work with you and fight any unjust copyright claims / strikes should they become an issue on your channel.

Am I required to sign a contract?
Yes, we do require you sign a contract for legal purposes. It protects you as well as us!

What is the length of the contract?
Contract length is negotiable with your partner manager. We are confident in the commitment we make to our help our creators grow, but we do not lock creators into ridiculously long contracts nor will we hold a channel in our network on an expired or invalid contract.

I have strikes against my channel. Can you clear them?
Per YouTube policy, we can’t roll up channels in “bad standing.” However, we are happy to help potential partners clear up strikes confirmed to be false. We frequently help our partners clear strikes placed against them in error.

How do I check the status of my application?
If one of our partner managers is interested in signing you to the network they will reach out directly within 7-10 business days. If you have over 50k subs, feel free to reach out directly at with your name and channel link after you’ve applied.

I received an e-mail saying my channel was blacklisted. What does this mean?
Our system will automatically deny channels under a certain sub count. If you received this message your channel currently doesn’t meet our requirements for acceptance into the network.

Don’t fret! When your channel shows signs of substantial growth or gets closer to 50k subs please reach out via e-mail and we’ll re-review your channel!