Payee Agreement for Payment Processing

Agreement with Tipalti, Inc.

This is an Agreement between you and Tipalti, Inc., (“Tipalti”) and governs your usage of the Tipalti Payment Processing Services. In order to receive payments from the company who is paying you through this website (“Payor”), you must register with Tipalti for its Payment Processing Services. Through this Agreement, you are appointing Tipalti as your agent for the limited purpose of receiving payments from the Payor on your behalf. Tipalti’s receipt of payment shall satisfy and extinguish the Payor’s obligation to you for the payment. Unless the payment is reversed or returned for any reason, upon Tipalti’s acceptance of the payment, Tipalti shall be liable to you for the amount of the payment, and you shall have no other recourse.  The Payor shall be a third party beneficiary under this Agreement in so far as you attempt to claim from the Payor any amount that Tipalti has already received under this Agreement from on your behalf. Subject to this Agreement, you authorize the Payor to provide Tipalti with payment instructions in terms of how much to pay you and the timing of the payments. All Information received by Tipalti in connection with the Tipalti Services is subject to the Payor’s privacy policy. Neither you nor Tipalti shall be liable for special, incidental, indirect, or any other type of consequential damage. Tipalti shall not be liable to you for any amounts other than the amount of the payment that Tipalti accepts on your behalf.  This Agreement is governed by California law, and jurisdiction shall be exclusively in the competent Courts of Santa Clara County, California. Tipalti may amend this Agreement by posting a revised version on its website which shall include 30-days’ prior notice of any material changes being effective. Tipalti, Inc. is located at 1810 Gateway Drive, Suite 260, San Mateo, CA 94404 USA.